Winter Wonderland: Day 1 in Iceland

We spent our first day in Iceland mesmerized by the overwhelming beauty from all directions. Every nook and cranny of Iceland is utterly gorgeous.

Some fun facts I learned about Iceland today:

The population is only 330,000 people. 60% of them live in the capital city of Reykjavik. There are more sheep in Iceland than people!

Iceland is home to the largest glacier in Europe (and the second largest, which we visited today).

Icelandic horses are the only breed allowed in Iceland. To preserve the purity of the breed, horses are never imported. Even if an Icelandic-born horse leaves the country, it can never return.

The geography in Iceland changes rapidly within a small amount of time and space. Within the same car ride today, we saw the glittering coast, plains of farmland, jagged mountains, geothermal waterfalls, desert wasteland, and icy glaciers.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our first day! There are captions explaining each one.


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